QQ international v1.1 today Remover

QQ international v1.1 has been released for several days,till now i release my first patch .In now days i am too busy to do my personal jobs,so it takes  so a long time.

What worse is that i just catch a cold when i visit Gulangyu.so bad luky.

lol, just click here to download the patch ,and then place the file in “QQIntl\Bin” directory.Finally u can run the program and click the patch button to patch the selfcheck function.

Also u can delete any plugins u dislike. After i Remove the Com.Tencent.CityWeekend, it looks much better!lol

Any questions just leave me a message. laugh

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  1. about里面版本号完全一致

    可是 确实 patch出现 CRC32校验失败

    系统 win7 x64

  2. @obaby

    截图,其实 patch运行没有什么可用信息,就是提示crc 错误。

    看了 AppMisc.dll文件的信息,发现版本并不是 QQintel,而是QQ2010,所以我做了一次卸载,然后重新安装的1.1版本,安装结束后没有选启动QQ,然后正常结束,直接运行patch,提示校验成功,patch正常完成,打开发现 QQ today is removed. :8 。不知道是不是第一次运行QQ会改变那个dll文件。不过现在确实可以了。


  3. 反弹了,13号安装之后,patch之后成功,开QQ没有today。可今天反弹了,today又出来了

  4. A new version, v1.2 is available now, hope you can release an update for today remover, thx in advance. 8)


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