rsrcExtractor IDA Plugin

 * One of the things I always missed in IDA is parsing of resources. IDA has
 * option to load resources, but it's nothing more than dummy data.
 * This plugin allows us to load resources from file on disk, and see their
 * structure. First time you use plugin on existing database you must have
 * that file on disk, as only 1st time I'm using file on disk to parse resources
 * and store them into netnodes, which allows ppl to share database with full
 * resource layout without need to distribute original file.
 * To use plugin, just press 'P' and you should see resource layout. Before loading
 * file, it's smart to select "Load Resources" in IDA, thus Jump to Data option
 * will actually work, and you will be able to inspect resources in IDA without
 * saving them to the disk.
 *                                             (c) 2011 deroko of ARTeam

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