Click to Convert 6 Cracked By Obaby


The Easiest Way to Create PDFs and HTMLWhat’s New in Version 6?
ü Full support for PDF and HTML creation from within Office 2007 (as well as the existing support
for Office 2003, XP, 2000, 97 file formats).
ü Vista support – full Microsoft Windows Vista support.
ü Easier and faster than ever to convert groups of files thanks to the new user-friendly Document

ü Quicker to learn thanks to a much improved Getting Started help system.
ü Easier to share PDFs than ever due to the optimized files that Click to Convert produces.
ü Accurate PDF to HTML conversion capabilities on Vista and Acrobat Reader 8.0 or later.
ü Improved support for large paper sizes e.g. A0 for easy CAD conversions.
ü Improved scripting control for Click to Convert for administrators and developers.
Click to Convert Features
ü Fastest and most reliable PDF and HTML conversion.
ü Professional support and help desk included to get you the advice you need quickly.
ü Create high-quality PDF or HTML files from your documents with a couple of clicks.
ü Microsoft Office toolbar integration supporting hyperlinks, bookmarks and table of contents.
ü Drag and drop batch processing for groups of documents.
ü Customizable PDF settings including 128bit security, compression, watermarks and font

ü One-Click e-mailing or web-site uploading of files.
ü View HTML files on any platform from any web browser.
ü Affordable – low cost per seat including multi-license and educational discounts.


这个程序的破解在输入注册码的地方如果输入错误注册码的话是没有任何提示的。并且注册码在内存中不是明文比较的,这里可以参考nag窗口的破解。通过nag窗口也可以看到“* This screen dose not ……”。也就是说注册版是没有闪屏窗口的。



0052C93E   . /75 64         jnz     short 0052C9A4
0052C940   . |8B0D 14085300 mov     ecx, dword ptr [530814]          ;  Convert.0053277C
0052C946   . |A1 180B5300   mov     eax, dword ptr [530B18]
0052C94B   . |8B00          mov     eax, dword ptr [eax]
0052C94D   . |8B15 0C725200 mov     edx, dword ptr [52720C]          ;  Convert.00527258
0052C953   . |E8 B091F6FF   call    00495B08
0052C958   . |A1 900D5300   mov     eax, dword ptr [530D90]
0052C95D   . |8B00          mov     eax, dword ptr [eax]
0052C95F   . |80B8 58030000>cmp     byte ptr [eax+358], 0
0052C966     |EB 2E         jnz     short 0052C996
0052C968   . |A1 900D5300   mov     eax, dword ptr [530D90]
0052C96D   . |8B00          mov     eax, dword ptr [eax]
0052C96F   . |8B10          mov     edx, dword ptr [eax]
0052C971   . |FF92 EC000000 call    dword ptr [edx+EC]               ;  调用注册窗口
0052C977   . |48            dec     eax
0052C978   . |75 0E         jnz     short 0052C988
0052C97A   . |A1 14085300   mov     eax, dword ptr [530814]
0052C97F   . |8B00          mov     eax, dword ptr [eax]
0052C981   . |E8 6659F6FF   call    004922EC
0052C986   . |EB 36         jmp     short 0052C9BE
0052C988   > |A1 AC0C5300   mov     eax, dword ptr [530CAC]
0052C98D   . |8B00          mov     eax, dword ptr [eax]
0052C98F   . |E8 B057F6FF   call    00492144


猛击此处下载破解后的免安装版程序! 注意不要试用迅雷等下载工具下,否则会无法下载!


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