Reliable Command Buffer Overflow” Error in Modern Warfare 3

If you’re playing Modern Warfare 3 on PC and have been playing through the campaign, there’s a good chance you encountered the “reliable command buffer overflow” error in the mission Goalpost. It sucks, doesn’t it? Well, one helpful Call of Duty forum member has figured out how to avoid this error. He said this:

The solution is not to go along the street but jump inside the bulding with broken windows on the right. There will be several enemies there, you will kill them, exit the building on the other side and the checkpoint will save. Going along the street in the open causes this glitch.

Our bro Ron has tried this and confirmed that it work, so just do what the good man says and you’ll be on your way to winning the war and having fun again. Yay fun!

问题的解决方法就是上面刚开始说的那样,不要直接沿着街道走,进入旁边的屋子中杀掉所有敌人,然后会出现一个存盘点,再从屋子里走出来就行了。就这么简单,话说刚开始按照第二个链接操作什么用,于是想迂回一下,结果就蒙到了和上面一样的解决方法。哈哈。我是个人才啊 smile smile



  1. 事实上不止这个的…

    1. 我这边倒是还基本稳定,不过在这个地方卡了好多次。后来没办法了就只能迂回了。用的引擎是一样的,并且有一部分贴图用的就是mw2的。


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