========================= IDA-Pro Key Generator ========================

Use this program to make your IDA-Pro copy look legit or to increase the
number of seats for your license.

I used to support IDA a long time ago but they have exponentially increased
the prices of their products and insisted on a yearly subscription based
payment. Without an active plan one can’t even access the IDA forum.

So I’ve continued to use IDA-Pro and for the last 20 years I had every
single version either leaked or “borrowed” from friends with my own
generated licenses.

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IDA Pro v7.3(Hex-Rays Decompilers v7.0): A Team IRA Release

How to install ida+decompilers:
1) Install the provided setup. Simply double click on the executable and use
the provided password.
2) Copy the plugins directory to the installed directory.
3) copy the cfg directory to the installed directory.
4) try the dsync plugin provided. Open the file you wish to decompile, press f5 to decompile. Press ctrl-shft-s to sync decompiler and disassembler views. Select a linein the decompiler and the corresponding disassembly lines will be highlighted. For more info on this plugin google dsync git.

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CommentView Plugin for IDAPro7.0

自从ida升级7.0 之后,hexrays做了很多的改动,以前的插件基本都废掉了。于是想要找个插件就变得很困难,最近分析一个文件需要获取所有的注释,但是那个针对低版本开发的commentview已经无力回天了。虽然晚上有开源的代码,但是实际修改起来比较蛋疼,不知道是不是ida的问题,编译的插件获取的地址基本都是错误的。还是按照以前的使用区段枚举,和inf信息获取的方法获取到的地址都错了,着tm就很尴尬了,测试代码如下:

for (int i = 0; i < get_segm_qty(); i++) {
        segment_t *seg = getnseg(i);
        qstring segname;
        get_segm_name( &segname,seg, 1024);
        msg("segname: %s, start_ea= %08x, end_ea= %08x , size=%08x \n", segname.c_str(), seg->start_ea, seg->end_ea, seg->size());
msg("Database Info: start_ea= %08x, min_ea= %08x, max_ea= %08x, omin_ea= %08x, omax_ea= %08x \n", inf.start_ea, inf.min_ea, inf.max_ea, inf.omin_ea, inf.omax_ea);
    msg("lowoff= %08x, highoff= %08x, main= %08x \n", inf.lowoff, inf.highoff, inf.main);

实际获取到的数据如下,测试环境为OSX + IDA 7.0,如果谁看到了这篇文章还获取到了正确的地址麻烦通知我一声(感谢匿名用户的评论反馈:那个基址问题应该是IDA的BUG,在新的IDA 7.0.171130 (SP1)里已经修正了的,如果是正版的话就升级一下吧。)。

segname: .text, start_ea= 10001000, end_ea= 00000001 , size=effff001 
segname: .idata, start_ea= 10005000, end_ea= 00000006 , size=efffb006 
segname: .rdata, start_ea= 1000513c, end_ea= 00000003 , size=efffaec7 
segname: .data, start_ea= 10006000, end_ea= 00000005 , size=efffa005 
Database Info: start_ea= 10007000, min_ea= ff000000, max_ea= 00000000, omin_ea= 0006000f, omax_ea= 06400007 
lowoff= 00500046, highoff= 00000301, main= 10007000 


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