Binary Ninja Personal v3.0.3233[All Platform]

Binary Ninja is a reverse engineering platform. It focuses on a clean and easy to use interface with a powerful multithreaded analysis built on a custom IL to quickly adapt to a variety of architectures, platforms, and compilers.

Binary Ninja is an interactive disassembler, decompiler, and binary analysis platform for reverse engineers, malware analysts, vulnerability researchers, and software developers that runs on Windows, macOS, Linux.

The most common starting points for documentation are:

Windows :

Mac OSX【failed】


Linux [Ubuntu]:

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  1. Firefox 99 Firefox 99 Windows 10 Windows 10 us美国 得克萨斯州达拉斯市HostUS公司

    Hello. Thank you so much for the share.

      Google Chrome 100 Google Chrome 100 Windows 10 Windows 10 cn山东省青岛市 联通

      我的mac mini x86架构的不行,你可以试试arm m1的能不能运行

  2. Microsoft Edge 102 Microsoft Edge 102 Windows 10 Windows 10 vn越南

    Binary Ninja v3.1 was released. Can this patched version update to 3.1?

  3. Firefox 102 Firefox 102 GNU/Linux GNU/Linux de德国

    Where is the download link? I don’t see it? Also where can I get the latest version?

      1. Firefox 102 Firefox 102 GNU/Linux GNU/Linux de德国

        it shows the files, but I can’t download them. It says to log in. All in chineese of course, and google translate doesn’t work so I have to copy the messages around. But i can’t copy the chineese stuff from the buttons and such.

        1. Firefox 102 Firefox 102 GNU/Linux GNU/Linux de德国

          The first 3 links are broken, the cloud provider requires a login for the download. How do I get the files?

          1. Firefox 102 Firefox 102 GNU/Linux GNU/Linux de德国

            Nevermind. I looked one directory up and there is the new 3.1 version right there.


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