JEB Decompiler PRO 3.19.1 (May 7, 2020) by PNF Software

– DEX Decompiler: Emulator: improvements
– DEX Decompiler: fixes on corner-case scenarios
– Java: Decompiled source: matched parentheses/brackets/braces open-close
– Dex/Dalvik: more information for query xrefs action
– Dex/Dalvik: some fixes, more tolerant Dalvik parsing in corner-cases
– Operation: added COPY_ADDRESS (see API; mapped to menu “Navigation, Copy Address” in UI client)
– Native: Siglibs updates
– Other fixes

– Cross-references panel: the dialog is now modeless (keep navigating, jump to xrefs without closing the widget)
– Navigation: fixes and tweaks in history navigation (more to be smoothed out, navigating the history remains counter-intuitive in some cases)
– Styles/Themes: added light/sepia fall-back for system-wide dark modes if needed
– Themes: fixed standard theme on dark-mode macOS with recent JDK
– UI client is now compatible with recent JDK, incl. JDK 14. JEB’s native launcher will not work on linux/macOS though.
Note: we recommend to keep on using JDK 8u191+.
– Other fixes

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      JEB decryption password: ilbtcdnwiuypbzeo
      The protected JEB file was successfully decrypted
      内存使用率: 264.0M allocated (48.7M used, 215.3M free) - max: 8.0G
      JEB (jeb-pro) is starting...
      当前目录: /Users/zhongming
      基础目录: /Users/zhongming/Downloads/jeb-pro-
      程序目录: /Users/zhongming/Downloads/jeb-pro-
      System: Mac OS X 11.2 (x86_64) zh_CN_#Hans
      Java: Oracle Corporation 16.0.1
      Plugin loaded: com.pnf.plugin.androidjnihelper.DynamicJNIDetectionPlugin
      Plugin loaded: com.pnf.libravm.LibraIdentifier
      Plugin loaded: com.pnf.libravm.LibraDisassemblerPlugin
      Plugin loaded: com.pnf.libravm.LibraDecompilerPlugin
      Plugin loaded: com.pnf.androsig.gen.AndroidSigGenPlugin
      Plugin loaded: com.pnf.androsig.apply.andsig.AndroidSigApplyPlugin
      Plugin loaded: com.pnf.plugin.oat.OATPlugin
      Plugin loaded: com.pnf.plugin.pdf.PdfPlugin


      #!/usr/bin/env python
      import os, sys, struct, time, binascii, hashlib
      RC4_Key2= 'Eg\xa2\x99_\x83\xf1\x10'
      def rc4(Key, inData):
          Buf = ""
          S = range(256)
          K = (map(lambda x:ord(x), Key) * (256 / len(Key) + 1))[:256]
          j = 0
          for i in range(256):
              j = (S[i] + K[i] + j) % 256
              S[i], S[j] = S[j], S[i]
          i, j = 0, 0
          for x in range(len(inData)):
              i = (i + 1) % 256
              j = (j + S[i]) % 256
              S[i], S[j] = S[j], S[i]
              Buf += chr(S[(S[j] + S[i]) % 256] ^ ord(inData[x]))
          return Buf
      def Long2Int(longdata):
          lo = longdata & 0xFFFFFFFF
          hi = (longdata >> 32) & 0x7FFFFFFF
          return hi, lo
      def KeygenSN(LicenseSerial, MachineID):
          mhi, mlo = Long2Int(MachineID)
          lhi, llo = Long2Int(LicenseSerial)
          hi_Key = (mhi - lhi + 0x55667788) & 0x7FFFFFFF
          lo_Key = (mlo + llo + 0x11223344) & 0xFFFFFFFF
          Z0, = struct.unpack('


      (python2) zhongming@ZhongMingdeMBP ~ % python /Users/zhongming/Downloads/ 
      Input License Data:
      JEB License Key: 5277361611045064540Z9199121327
      Enter to Exit...
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    your license does not permit the creation of new projects

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