RetDec IDA plugin


RetDec plugin for IDA (Interactive Disassembler).

The plugin is compatible with the IDA 7.5+ versions. The plugin does NOT work with IDA 6.x, IDA 7.0-7.4, or freeware version of IDA 7.0. The plugin comes at both 32-bit and 64-bit address space variants (both are 64-bit binaries). I.e. it works in both ida and ida64. At the moment, it can decompile the following architectures:

  • 32-bit: x86, arm, mips, and powerpc.
  • 64-bit: x86-64, arm64.
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========================= IDA-Pro Key Generator ========================

Use this program to make your IDA-Pro copy look legit or to increase the
number of seats for your license.

I used to support IDA a long time ago but they have exponentially increased
the prices of their products and insisted on a yearly subscription based
payment. Without an active plan one can’t even access the IDA forum.

So I’ve continued to use IDA-Pro and for the last 20 years I had every
single version either leaked or “borrowed” from friends with my own
generated licenses.

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IDA Pro v7.3(Hex-Rays Decompilers v7.0): A Team IRA Release

How to install ida+decompilers:
1) Install the provided setup. Simply double click on the executable and use
the provided password.
2) Copy the plugins directory to the installed directory.
3) copy the cfg directory to the installed directory.
4) try the dsync plugin provided. Open the file you wish to decompile, press f5 to decompile. Press ctrl-shft-s to sync decompiler and disassembler views. Select a linein the decompiler and the corresponding disassembly lines will be highlighted. For more info on this plugin google dsync git.

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