通过官方文档和csdn的这两篇文章可以进行多数据库的设置。但是设置后可能会出现问题,由于我连接的数据库是通过inspactdb的方法得到的model。于是在migrate的时候出现了问题,会提示 1146, “Table xxx doesn’t exist” 。后来发现问题可能出在路由表上,按照DATABASE_APPS_MAPPING映射之后,django默认的表如果要写入可能会找不到数据库。而源代码里的映射关系并不包含新加入的app,例如grappelli等。

# example:
# 'app_name':'database_name',
# 'admin': 'default',
# 'users': 'default', #django
'basic_estate': 'basic_estate',
'footstone': 'footstone',
'mall': 'hsmall',
'iot_biz': 'iot_biz',
'mall': 'mall',
'hsuser': 'hsuser',
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Delphi RAD Studio 10.4 Sydney Architect 27.0 完美免费注册版

RAD Studio 10.4是一个开发人员的终极RAD环境,带来你想象不到的开发应用程序的便捷性和速度,并具有所有你需要用到的能力和功能,轻松提高生产力,该环境使用强大的可视化设计工具和集成的工具链在现代C ++和Delphi中快速构建高性能的本机跨平台应用程序!

RAD Studio 10.4提供了显着增强的高性能本机Windows支持,通过出色的快速代码完成功能提高了生产率,通过托管记录提高了代码速度,并在现代多核CPU上增强了并行任务,提供了1000多个质量和性能增强功能。此版本在整个产品中添加了重要的新功能和增强的Windows功能,此外还跨支持的平台提供了重要的生产力和性能增强功能。让应用程序更快,功能更强,使用更人性化,更轻松地维护应用程序的向前发展。

RAD Studio 10.4是多年来对Delphi代码工具改进最大的一次,使用语言服务器协议(LSP)实现提供了Code Insight。在处理具有数百万行代码的大型项目时,10.4可大大提高开发人员的工作效率。

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Borland Delphi 7 Science Edition 2020 (x86) (12.2020)

Size File: 1.72 GB

Delphi 7 is a well-known program from Borland, namely a development tool for programming both at the initial and professional levels. One of the best and most popular products from Borland.

The package includes an extended developer kit – more than a hundred third-party components and fixes, correctly configured to avoid conflicts during use.

Add. Information: Since 2004, this package has been successfully used to create software for laboratory instruments, including for communication of equipment with a personal computer, and has been constantly expanded with components of third-party developers. The issue of licensing the package remains open, since the Delphi 7 environment is not officially supported, but all components in the package are full working and verified versions. The environment installer is quite interactive and implemented as a Web interface. Please read the readme.doc file for installation difficulties.
The assembly is supplied with a huge number of examples.

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