========================= IDA-Pro Key Generator ========================

Use this program to make your IDA-Pro copy look legit or to increase the
number of seats for your license.

I used to support IDA a long time ago but they have exponentially increased
the prices of their products and insisted on a yearly subscription based
payment. Without an active plan one can’t even access the IDA forum.

So I’ve continued to use IDA-Pro and for the last 20 years I had every
single version either leaked or “borrowed” from friends with my own
generated licenses.

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错误应用程序名称: jdk-8u271-windows-x64.exe,版本: 8.0.2710.9,时间戳: 0x5f627c6a
错误模块名称: baiducnTSF.dll_unloaded,版本: 5.5.5063.0,时间戳: 0x5e6a3130
异常代码: 0xc0000005
错误偏移量: 0x000000000001c81f
错误进程 ID: 0x49c8
错误应用程序启动时间: 0x01d6c65777e016e0
错误应用程序路径: C:\Users\obaby\AppData\Local\Temp\jds333500.tmp\jdk-8u271-windows-x64.exe
错误模块路径: baiducnTSF.dll
报告 ID: eb507998-894f-4a2d-a8b3-f608a5da24ab
错误程序包相对应用程序 ID: 
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Binary Ninja Personal 2.0.2097 dev + license (Windows + Linux + MacOS )

Binary Ninja is a reverse engineering platform. It focuses on a clean and easy to use interface with a powerful multithreaded analysis built on a custom IL to quickly adapt to a variety of architectures, platforms, and compilers.

Binary Ninja Personal 2.0.2097 dev + license (Windows + Linux)

Password: uKKT95ZmQ*KTsU

Binary Ninja Personal 2.0.2097-dev for MacOS

链接: 提取码: ga7u 复制这段内容后打开百度网盘手机App,操作更方便哦访问码:fmt0)

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