Altap Salamander 3.0 beta3(x64) Nag Remove





With Altap Salamander you can organize your files and directories using the convenient double-panel framework (introduced in Norton Commander). You can use Altap Salamander to create and remove directories; move, copy, and delete files; connect to directories shared on the network; share directories; secure files and directories; change case of filenames; convert files (coding, line-ends); compare directories; find files; make file lists; view files of almost any format (jpeg, gif, png, html, doc, xls, pdf, dwg, dgn, eps, csv, dbf, mp3, etc.); work with many types of archives (ZIP, RAR, 7-ZIP, TAR, GZIP, etc.), work with FTP, SCP, and SFTP servers, Windows Mobile devices, Windows Registry, and ISO images; undelete (recover) permanently deleted files; shred files (irreversible delete) and clean disk free space; use batch renamer; compare files (visual file comparison); encrypt/decrypt files using AES/Blowfish/TrippleDES; calculate/verify SFV/MD5 checksums; split/combine files; and perform other disk, directory, and file management tasks.




  1. 有没有 altap slalmander 3.0 beta3 32bit 补丁?这个文件管理器用了10多年啦,2.54和win8.1有些不兼容。


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