Apk Installer for Windows/Mac OSX/Linux SouceCode


Apk Tool

Apk Installer for Windows/Mac OSX/Linux Mac Uses:

On Windows:
Just run the ApkInstaller.py or drag and drop the apk file on the ApkInstaller.py
Linux /Mac OSX:
1. download the android sdk tool ,and place the aapt and adb into the bin/linux directory on Mac u have to 
    chmod +x aapt and adb
2. run the command pyhon ApkInstaller.py mas.apk

Tested on Windows7 /Ubuntu 12.04 /Mac OSX with python 2.7 /PyQt4

To do:

1. APK icon select
2. Binary file auto select and set

Thanks to: AndroidXMLParser AndroidXMLParser was created by Anthony Desnos and is taken from the Androguard Project. Anthony Desnos <anthony [dot] desnos [at] gmail.com> Antitree <antitree [at] gmail.com> pee pee@erkkila.org spam this algorythm <algorythm [at] gmail /dot/ com> Link: https://bitbucket.org/obaby/apk-installer-for-windows-mac-osx-linux

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