QQ International 1.2(2112) Self Check Patch

Today i noticed that the QQ International has update to 1.2.So this noon i patched it again.But after the QQ log in ,I didn’t see the Today Window. So I clicked the button on the QQ mainform to get the window ,and after the window show.I saw that there is no more,Don’t display the Today window during the next 5 days.  check box at the window bottom. :p

Holly shit!This is why I patch the selfcheck function again! 8)

Version Window:

Last I just want to show another  patch window again ,lol :8

If u don’t know how to use the patch ,fallow this link plz:http://www.h4ck.org.cn/2011/05/qq-international-v1-1-today-remover/

Click here  or here to download the patch program! Any questions ?  😀