IDA Pro Advanced Edition v6.1 the multi processor, multi operating system, interactive disassembler is used by security professionals to build a safer internet; by governmental agencies to validate commercial software; by open-source activists to support undocumented architectures; by device driver developers to tackle complex compatibility issues; and by embedded developers to build a better future.

IDA Pro is an interactive disassembler – it converts a binary executable program into an assembler text, allowing you to examine internals of the executable, to reverse engineer it and obtain a source text of the input file.
Its most outstanding feature that makes it unique among other disassemblers is interactivity (as the name implies). With IDA Pro you may examine the input file and make modifications on the fly, with zero wait time, all your modifi-cations are instantly displayed on the screen.
Another unparalleled aspect of IDA is FLIRT – Fast Library Identification and Recognition Technology. The disassembler looks at the input file and tries to find common procedures and properly names and attaches comments to them, working as an intelligent assistant for you. FLIRT technology saves your valuable time, taking the routine part of work. It is pretty funny to open a window with the list of functions and to look how FLIRT gives meaningful names to the functions and attaches comments to them.
Also, IDA Pro 6.1.0 – is the only disassembler that knows about high level language data structures like arrays, enumerations and structs. You may use them to make your disassembly clearer and more understandable. The upcoming version of IDA under- stands even local variables of procedures.





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