Fast IDB2Sig and LoadMap plugins(IDA)

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It took me two weeks to write two IDA plugins, a renew, fast IDB2Sig plugin and a new, very fast LoadMap plugin.
The IDB2SIG plugin I rewrote base on the orginal source code and idea of:
– Quine (
– Darko
– IDB2PAT of J.C. Roberts <>
Thanks all of you very much. I think all of you will allow me to public the new source code.
The LoadMap plugin I wrote base on the idea of Toshiyuki Tega. It will supports loading and parsing VC++, Borland (Delphi/BC++/CBuilder) and DeDe map files.
And with two plugins, I need only two days to create two signature file for Delphi 6/7. Very fast and convenience. Hereafter, we can use two above plugins to create signature files, load map symbols…

Source is included, and plugins are precompiled for IDA 4.5 and 5.2.

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