LanHelper 1.98 En Patch

This is meybe the last article that I posted before the Chinese New Year.After clean the office this afternoon ,I will have a dinner with my best then Tomorrow I can back home,and have my 14 days New Year Hollyday.So nice. 😉 😉

Back to the topic ,U can download the Orginal install package here.Then download the patch file from here.

Well after patched it looks like

Good job,isn’t it ? 🙂  🙂 Any Qs,post a reply here.

File self check Hash:

文件名: C:\Users\obaby\Desktop\lanhelper.exe-patch.exe
文件大小: 845312 字节 (825.50 KB)
修改日期: 2011-01-30 10:10
MD5: f56cb6ff0a99e71e9b33314c9f5f2bd9
SHA1: 13783f30d1342a21c0771dc7e685e8b528cfc95c
SHA256: 79987c21b74af7f8adabab4fb4538264e84677dec7404e408803aec8476264b1
CRC32: 3229611a

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  1. Good work man, and Happy Chinese New Year 🙂

    I wish to you well have a rest, and more good release in the next year!


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