QQ International V1.0(1910) Today Remover [new]

I dislike the patcher generatered by the CodeFusion,so I created this one ,and till now it works fine.click here to download the patch file (better place that file in to the qq installed directory(C:\Program Files\Tencent\QQIntl\Bin as default) and execute the patch).and then u can delete any plugins u want.

Any Problems ,leave a message here,thx. laugh

Ps: Do u know who’s the girl on the patch window?



    1. 能用了就可以了,话说找了好久的问题,发现是补丁程序竟然多修改了一些数据。我也不知道为什么会多修改那么多数据,郁闷啊。

    1. yep, I know she is a fake, just for fun .But what a beauty,lol.
      I don’t know her name untill u tell me .

  1. win7 64位系统下好像不能用,打了补丁之后打开QQ还是会弹出today。
    and then u can delete any plugins u want.

    1. 直接进入到插件目录下删除掉有today的那个插件就可以了。不过这么删除的话可能会有其他的影响。呵呵。那个补丁只是去掉了程序的自校验允许自由的删除插件而不会让程序退出。


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