Pangolin professinal edition Cracked




  1. Hello friend,
    Keygen is generating error like “Current File has been corrupted by virus or illegal modification,please re-install it”

    I also find original keygen from ZProtect but it couldn’t work when i tried.
    So can you send keygen to me pls.

    thank you

  2. Thanks for this man… sorry but it doesnt work for me either….it gives me the same error above sad
    Could you do something about it and maybe send me an email or post it here?
    Would be nice if you used rapidshare or megeupload.

  3. hey mates,

    I had the same problem, just rename the keygen, it should work. Obaby keep the good work!!!!

    cheers smile

  4. hey mates,

    had the same error, but it sounded logic to me to change the file name (gen). i did it and it worked as a charm. so give it a shot.
    Obaby your great keep the good work mate.



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